Distinction at Formex

The Danish trendscout Mads Arlien-Søborg chose VEJRHØJ among his 3 favourite exhibitors at the Formex design fair in Stockholm. We feel truly honored by his choice and are happy to be in great company with the other two picks being Georg Jensen and Kähler Design.

Click here to see the video of Janus (founder of VEJRHØJ) together with trendscout Mads Arlien-Søborg at the Formex design fair in Stockholm

The journey to Formex Stockholm 
The weather in Copenhagen was mild, when we crossed the Oresund Bridge into Sweden heading towards the Formex design fair in Stockholm. It should have been a fairly easy 7 hours drive, but winter came....
Ice, snow & bone-chilling winds hit us as we drove through the vast Swedish pine forests. Deep frozen (at least our car was) we reached the Swedish capital, with only a limited amount of time to get our booth ready for the fair opening. Fortunately, everything worked out and we got ready - just in time - to introduce VEJRHØJ to our Swedish neighbors.

The fair lasted 4 days and we met many potential retailers, who we intrigued by our wood & steel timepieces. In short, we had a great time in Stockholm, and you will in the coming months be able to find several new Scandinavian retail partners in our store locater.





Our booth at the Formex fair. Janus, founder of VEJRØHJ, trying to pose as discreet as possible:)
Our booth at the Formex fair. Janus, founder of VEJRHØJ, trying to pose as discreet as possible:)