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Finding Your Perfect Match in Wood & Steel

Are you looking for a discrete minimalist wooden watch which suits every occasion?

Or are you looking for that special design which matches your favorite outfit?

We can help you find both:)

This short blog post presents a brief overview of the minimalist timepieces from our ELEMENTS collection. We hope that it can help you discover your favorite combination of wood, steel and Nordic minimalism. 



When Less Is More

Our collection of minimalist wood watches feature our most popular designs. All models are slim - in the spirit of the Nordic design tradition - with a thin natural wooden ring which encompasses the watch underneath the dial glass. This gives a simple yet unique detail to the design. At the same time this - minor but important detail - has enabled us to create a wooden watch with the same durability as a traditional steel watch (see photo below).

Nordic minimalistic watches - VEJRHØJ

Looking For a Distinctive Dial Design?

If so, you should go for The GUN or The GOLD. Both models comes with a dial that distinctively merges wood and steel. The upper half of the dial is crafted from walnut wood (either natural or dark stained walnut) whereas the lower half of dial is made of metal with a gold or gunmetal finish.


Looking For a Natural & Simple Design?

The minimalist watches from our ELEMENT collection can also meet your preferences if you wish for the entire dial to be crafted from natural hardwood. In that case, The STEEL, The ROSE or The SILVER with respectively a walnut or maple wood dial will be the watch you are looking for (for the male and female wrist alike).

The models, in the slider above, all feature a dial crafted completely from natural hardwood. The 40 mm diameter and 7 mm slim casing is just right in order to allow the natural wood grains materials to be noticeable, while keeping the watch design discrete, yet stylish. If you look close, you can also see the wooden ring beneath the glass which encompasses the dial.

Going For The GOLD  

Minimalist watch in gold - VEJRHØJ

The GOLD as seen from the side.

The minimalist watches in the The ELEMENTS collection are among the slimmest timepieces in the world when it comes to combining wood and steel. Furthermore, notice that you can clearly see all wooden parts are protected by the steel casing and underneath the dial glass.

The GOLD is a minimalist wooden watch which is ideal for both casual and classy outfits.



Spotlight: The GUN - a popular choice

Black minimalistic watch - VEJRHØJ

All VEJRHØJ wood and steel watches come in different combinations of colours in the wood grain, the stainless steel finish and straps. One of our most popular unisex models, which goes well with any outfit or style, combines dark stained walnut wood and stainless steel in a gunmetal finish. Therefore, this model has appropriately been named The GUN

The upper part of the watch dial is crafted from thin natural walnut wood that has been stained dark. It discreetly complements the lower metal part of the dial which is in a gunmetal finish. The polished hour and minute hands stand out from the darker shades beneath while lending attention to the wooden texture and grain in the upper half of the dial.



The GUN - A dark genuine leather strap completes the minimalistic design and feel of this wood and steel timepiece. 

women's minimalist wood watch - VEJRHØJ

The GUN is a slim and minimalistic wood watch, which is perfectly sized for the female and male wrist alike.

Black wooden watch

The GUN on a male wrist

Still Haven’t Found What You Were Looking for?

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