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Limited Edition

OASIS | Blue

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Limited Edition

OASIS | Green

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Only 100 pcs available

An oasis on your wrist

We named our new limited edition “OASIS” as a reminder of humanity's responsibility to look after our nature and our precious forests - both for our own sake and for the generations to come.

Like you, wooden grains are unique and alive. Artificial materials will never match the warm feelings they create. In this fast-paced world you need an oasis on your wrist. 

When buying a VEJRHØJ watch you help us plant 1 tree.

Colorful yet elegant

With our new limited editions we have strived to create a timepiece that will bring a colorful, yet elegant addition to your everyday life

Limited editions

Only 100 pcs available

Our design approach

We might have a preference for simplicity and natural materials, due to our Scandinavian design heritage. But at the same time, we are also dreamers that aim to challenge the status quo by creating bold designs that stand out from the ordinary. We do so by combining wood, steel and Nordic minimalism into unique timepieces.

Giving back to nature

We plant a tree for every order

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