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Leather strap
Laura Garcia Castañeda


I've become attached to it

I needed a new watch. I did lots of research before choosing Vejrhoj. I had several parameters:


Appealling, understated and simple

Affordable, but quality

Clean lines ( I don’t need a zillion features, just the time and taut Nordic craftspersonship – sometimes a built-in night-light might be useful, but I’m on the fence about that)

Nice colour, but no lead or toxins (brass often has lead in it which is unacceptable to wear. That is why I gave up my vintage soviet model: I didn’t know if they'd put lead in their brass – also the hands stopped going about in circles…)

Made by a company which operates in a bike-friendly place (not a must, but a bonus)

Incorporating natural materials (Once I got the idea of a wooden face I wouldn’t have it any other way; the Vejrhoj’s appearance strikes a great balance between ‘organic’ and ‘precision;’ the background to time is a slice of nature; each watch is unique)

Reliable (I‘ve had it about 10 months now, taken it everywhere, in all canadian weather, summer and winter, and the wooden face is stable so far, no cracks of any sort, no ripples, etc; mechanism is happy)

My biggest issue, ‘how do you pronounce “Vejrhoj”?

OASIS | Green
Annabelle Damerum
Damaged order received - no reply

I purchased the oasis in green as a wedding present for my partner.
Overall the quality of the watch is great, however the strap (side with holes) was scuffed/torn on the upper side so it’s very noticeable. I contacted customer services by email multiple times and by message on instagram and have received no response. It seems so simple to send a replacement part of this strap… very unhappy customer.

Dear Annabella,

Based on the message you sent on Instagram, we can see that you wrote to a wrong email address ( Therefore, we did not receive any emails from you.

Our support email can be found here:

We do regularly check Instagram, but new messages often go to the “requests inbox” which also contains a lot of spam messages. Therefore, it is difficult to do proper customer service on Instagram. And that is why we ask customers to reach out to us over email.

We are sorry that the green leather strap did not meet your expectations. We have sent a new leather strap today.

Have a good weekend :)

Best wishes,
Founder, VEJRHØJ

Hard to resist

I've followed Vejrhøj since their first release, and even though I had 3 Vejhøj watches already, I couldn't help but order the special edition OASIS blue watch. As usual the watch doesn't disappoint. I love the slim design, the dazzling blue colour and the minimalistic face. The only downside is that the holes in the band are not placed in the right spot for my wrist, so it is either slightly too lose or slightly too tight.
It's been great to add a 4th Vejrhøj to the collection and it has been in the rotation many times already.

OASIS | Green
Thod Sanith
마음에 드는 색깔

평소 베아호이 브랜드의 제품들에 매우 많은 관심이 있었다.
친환경적인 브랜드의 취지가 내 마음이 이끌렸고, 나무 소재가 들어간 자연스러운 느낌의 디자인이 아름다웠다.
하지만 무엇보다 가장 마음에 들었던것은, 리미티드 에디션으로 발매 한 오아시스 시리즈.
블루와 그린 두가지 색상 모두 기존의 베아호이 제품들에서는 볼수 없었던 채도 짙은 색상이라 멋지다고 생각 했지만,
특히나 그린 색상은 너무 아름답게 표현 되었다.
사진으로 처음 공개 되었을 때, "저 시계는 내것 이어야만 해!" 하는 생각이 들었다.
리미티드 에디션 이지만 가격이 더 비싸게 정해진것도 아니고, 빨리 구매하지 않으면 금방 솔드 아웃 될까봐 바로 주문 했다.
블루 색상도 아름다웠지만, 내 생각에 그린 색상이 좀 더 유니크 한것 같다.
나는 사람들이 착용 하고 다니는 시계의 색상으로, 그린 색상을 거의 본적이 없다.
함께 주문 한 블랙 스트랩도 매우 잘 어울린다.
이렇게 멋지고 아름다운 제품을 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다. 베아호이!

OASIS | Green
Gianluca Negro

I received the Oasis Limited Edition watch as a present, I absolutely love it!

OASIS | Green
Jens Juhl
Flotte design

Super flotte og enkle design

OASIS | Green
Allan Haslund

Lækkert design
Hurtigt og nem levering

Jonathan Israel
Great quality!

It’s my second Vejrohj and couldn’t be better. 100% recommended. Sakura model is excellent.

Customer service is also great, I made a mistake with the strap color and they sent me a second strap in a couple of days.

Anders Askhøj

Excellent service


Stunning design and amazing customer service! Order for my wife for Christmas and although it was delayed to the United States, it was worth the wait!

Petite | FREYA | mesh
Parastou Alikhani
Amazing design

I bought it for my sister
So beautiful
Sell service support was excellent too

Black and Gold

This watch is simple and elegant.
Vejrhoj is very customer oriented which is one of the main reasons for ordering through them.
Great time piece!

Beautifully made watch

Beautifully made watch. Unusual design with the wood insert but still a classic.

Patricia Finch
Family of Vejrhoj

I bought a Sakura as a birthday gift for my son in 2020 and it was much admired. He then treated his girlfriend to a Petit Rose for her birthday (both are architectural students in London). I planned to buy one when visiting Copenhagen but this December, I could resist no longer and ordered a Maple for myself. They have all been much admired - surely this is a good enough recommendation!

Beautiful watch

Really special watch with a great design!

I can't review this product because I gave it as a present to my son. He was very pleased with the watch and the choice of strap colours.

Alex P.
Fantastic Product

Looks and feels great. Excellent quality, I love to wear it since day 1.

The ROSE | mesh
Stunning watch

Well designed with uniqueness on the wood. Elegant and sophisticated but also sleekly fashionable

Bjarne Eiholm-Bæk

Beautiful looks and great to wear, this is my 2nd Watch from VEJRHØJ

Awesome watch!!

Quite simply fabulous, stunning looks and great to wear.
Already thinking of my next one.

Beautiful watch

Danny Daamen
Beautiful stylish

I received this watch from my husband, Danny, as a gift.
It suits me and I think it's beautiful 😍 kind regards, Hanneke Daamen

Midnight in Blue

This watch was everything that I was looking for and more..
The compliments I receive are non-stop. I will buy again soon just to start a collection.

It's all perfect

I bought this beautiful watch for my wife. She is very happy with the watch. This is the third watch I buy here and I have been very pleased every time