FAQ | Automatic collection

Here's a collection of often asked questions regarding our automatic watches. Please notice that this FAQ is only for our automatic models: A01 black, A02 blue, A03 green, A04 walnut, A05 dark walnut.

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An automatic watch is a mechanical watch which has a rotor (also known as an oscillating weight). The rotor swings due to the kinetic energy that is generated from the movement of your arm, which activates the gears and winds the mainspring.

No batteries needed: You are the movement! That's the charm.

Set the correct time and push in the crown. Put the watch on your wrist (then it will start by itself, almost right away). 

However, it is recommended that you manually wind your automatic the first time you use it in order to achieve a full power reserve. You wind the watch by pushing in the crown and then manually turning the crown clockwise. You have to turn the crown approximately 40 times in order to get a full power reserve.

Stop winding the crown as soon as you feel resistance. If you overwind it, you could risk damaging the movement.

The 8215 Miyota movement (used in A01 black) has a 42 hour power reserve when fully powered. This means that the watch will keep time for approximately 42 hours in case it's not worn. As soon as you wear it (or manually wind it) it will start running again.  

The NH35A movement (used in A02 blue, A03 green, A04 walnut & A05 dark walnut) has a 41 hour power reserve when fully powered.

All our automatic models have a standard deviation of -20/+40 seconds a day. All automatic watches gain or lose a few seconds a day.

You set the date by pulling out the crown 1 click (out of 2), and then gently turn the crown counterclockwise. If you want to set the time, then pull out the crown 2 clicks.

Please be aware; If the date is set between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the date may not change the following day. Please try to set the date again if you experience any problems.

You have to adjust the date at the end of February and 30-day months.

When you receive that watch you might think that the leather strap feels a bit hard the first couple of days. But after you have worn it for 1-2 weeks it will get softer.

Yes, and no tools are needed.

All our watches come with our interchangeable straps, so you can customize the look of your watch by the click of a finger, making sure your watch always matches your outfit, mood and occasion.

Yes, the 40mm mesh bands fit with our automatic watches. It’s very easy to change the strap without the use of any tools.

The automatic watch has a mechanical movement. As the rotor spins you are likely to hear a gentle spinning sound. The majority of automatic watches will make some kind of sound. When you shake the watch the sound will increase, as the rotor starts swinging. This is completely normal.

An automatic watch weighs 75 grams. It’s a comfortable watch to wear.

Automatic watches can last forever with the right care and service. That’s one of the great things about having an automatic watch.

However, the automatic movement consists of small gears and screws and requires periodic maintenance and service. The accuracy of the watch will decline over time as well without maintenance. Therefore, we suggest that you take your automatic watch to a service overhaul once in a while to make it last forever. For example every 3-5 years.

Be aware of...

As with any other watch please avoid heavy shocks and drops. Do not play hard sports with your automatic watch, such as golf, baseball, tennis etc. Heavy shocks will eventually damage the movement inside the watch, even though the watch looks just fine on the outside. 

In contrast to a quartz watch, a mechanical watch requires manual winding. Even an automatic watch still requires winding if it has stopped. However, it is crucial to avoid overwinding your watch as it can cause harm to the mainspring. You need to turn the crown clockwise approximately 40 times to achieve a full power reserve. One should stop winding if resistance is felt on the crown.

An automatic watch is most vulnerable when the crown is open for date & time setting, as dust could enter into the casing. Please make sure that your watch is clean, before pulling out the crown (even though no dust is visible to you). In general, keep the watch clean from dust and oil from the skin by wiping the watch once in a while with a soft and clean cloth.

Your new watch is water resistant but not waterproof. Do not swim or take a shower with your automatic watch.

Be aware that you should avoid storing your automatic watch on objects that could magnetise it, such as laptops or phones. You can safely use your laptop while wearing your watch but avoid placing it on your laptop for longer periods of time.