simple black watches for men and women

Size guide

Let us help you choose the right size

Choosing the right watch is a matter of taste - some like bold watches while others prefer small and thin watch cases. However, we often recommend 40mm & 42mm for men - and 34mm and 40mm for women.

34mm women's watches
Our Petite models are designed for women. The 34mm watch diameter is small and discrete.

40mm unisex & automatic watches
The 40mm watch diameter is medium size but still slim. The unisex and automatic watches are both 40mm and can be worn by both men and women.

42mm men's watches
Our 42mm watches are designed for men. The 42mm watch diameter is our largest wooden watch. The ARCH collection is 42mm.

The ROSE unisex wood watch
Our 40mm and 34mm watches. This model is called 'The Rose'.
Hand with a wood watch for women in Nyhavn Copenhagen
34mm watch on a female wrist
40mm watch on a male wrist
Easy return

If you buy a watch and it doesn't fit you, you can always return the watch or exchange it to another size.

simple black watches on male and female wrist
34mm and 40mm on female and male wrist respectively