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1485 trees planted in New Zealand

Those who shopped in our webshop during the the fourth quarter of 2022 (October 1 - December 31) have contributed to plant 1485 trees in New Zealand. 

Over 80% of New Zealand was once covered in forest. Today, the forests of New Zealand are fragmented on the main islands and total tree coverage has fallen to around 25%. New Zealand is home to unique forest ecosystems, including kauri forests, kahikatea swamp forests, pōhutukawa forests...

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966 trees planted in India
Every quarter we donate to One Tree Planted in order to help them plant trees around the world.  We decided to donate to India for the 3rd quarter of 2022, as One Tree Planted informed us that this is the country where donations are...
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Donations: Orcas, Salmon & trees

Those who shopped in our webshop during the the 2nd quarter of 2022  have contributed to planting 998 trees in North America to help the Orcas. 

You might ask: what do trees have in common with Orcas? It all comes down to what they eat!

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How to change your strap
All our watches come with our interchangeable straps (or interchangeable mesh bands), so you can customize the look of your watch by the click of a finger, making sure your watch always matches your outfit, mood and the occasion.
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