1305 trees planted in the Andes Mountains of South America

Every quarter we donate to  One Tree Planted in order to help them plant trees around the world.

Those who shopped in our webshop during the fourth quarter of 2023 (October 1 - December 31) have contributed to planting 1305 trees in Andes Mountains of South America.

We have chosen to plant trees in the Andes Mountains of South America, because the local ecosystems have experienced major deforestation. In the past, this region was adorned with thriving forests, but an increase in population and expanded agriculture has led to a reduction in tree cover. Thank you for helping us reverse this trend.

The gnarled polylepis forests of the Andes play a crucial role for Indigenous communities, offering sustenance, water, and livelihoods. Moreover, their importance extends beyond the local communities that inhabit them; these mountainous watersheds nourish the Amazon basin, providing water to millions of people downstream.

Thank you for your support 🙏🌳

Andes planting trees

Andes landscape