977 Trees Planted for Forest Fire Recovery

Every quarter we donate to One Tree Planted in order to help them plant trees around the world. 

Those who shopped in our webshop during the the 2nd quarter of 2023 (April 1 - June 30) have contributed to planting 977 trees for Forest Fire Recovery.

This donation was dedicated to helping to restore lands that have been severely degraded by forest fires. Thank you for your support. 

Forest fires are growing in intensity and severity every year

In early June, a series of significant wildfires in Canada drew global attention due to severe air pollution spreading across the border into New York City, causing the sky to turn orange. Additionally, last year in 2022, Europe experienced intense heatwaves which caused various wildfires across Spain and France. Back in 2019, large scale wildfires in Australia has destroyed more than a total of 10 million hectares of land just within half a year. 

The rising frequency of forest fires worldwide has reinforced the growing urgency about climate change more than ever. Wildfires not only pose a greater risk to human health but also threaten animal extinction. Moreover, the consequences of increased carbon dioxide emissions extend beyond habitats and lands, resulting in harm to local communities and farmers, creating significant social and economic impacts.

Planting trees helps restore damaged ecosystems

When forest fires are relatively small in size, natural regeneration will restock the ecosystem on their own. However, when the burns are so severe and there are no surrounding healthy trees, the forest cannot recover naturally as it should. This is why tree planting is essential for forest regeneration, to help catalyse the growth of new trees.

Though we may live far away from forests, educating ourselves and sharing knowledge about forest fires helps us understand better what we can do to make a difference. While reducing carbon emissions in our everyday lives is crucial, its not always straightforward. That's why we take action by planting trees -  an activity that we can begin right away. Fully restoring burned forests will take time, nevertheless, tree planting aids in ecosystem recovery, soil stability, and water cycle support. Together, we can help mitigate the potential spread of forest fires in the future.