The world-renowned Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, California has partnered up with VEJRHØJ to sell our collection of slim wooden watches in its museum store in the SoMa district, downtown.

Our Nordic timepieces takes the space next to products of famous and award-winning designers like Charles and Ray Eames as well as true West Coast Originals.


VEJRHØJ watches and SFMOMA

We visited California & SFMOMA last summer, where we among other things saw the Edvard Munch exhibition and a very intriguing exhibition of "sound". The museum is one of a kind - and we can highly recommend it to everyone who visits San Francisco.  

On Highway 1, on our way to SFMOMA, we got out of our car and got this lazy shot of the Atlantic ocean:

VEJRHØJ watches on Highway 1

Design That Stands The Test of Time 

Our watches are rooted in Nordic minimalism and our preference for natural materials. By merging wood and steel, we aim to develop distinctive yet simple timepieces that will stand the test of time. Designs that will be relevant today as well as for the days to come. This is a challenge that becomes twofold, when working with wood as a material. Standing the test of time becomes both a matter of both durability and aesthetics. Our models The GUN & The GOLD were developed with these two aspects in mind. These watches come with a unique dial that combines wood and metal. The upper part of the dial is made of walnut wood, whereas the lower part is made of metal, which we believe creates a simple, yet very characteristic look and feel.
modern watches - the GOLD VEJRHOJ

comes with a dial that combines natural walnut wood dial & gold metal. The lower part of the dial is stylish in its expression, whereas the upper part made of walnut wood adds character and dimension. Wooden grains have a peerless structural integrity that artificial materials can’t reflect. Nothing beats the texture and the warm feelings they create. And in a fast digital paced world you need an analogue oasis on your wrist. 
 dark wood watch
The GUN, on the other hand, has a cleaner and more minimalistic expression due to its dark colour combinations. The upper part of the dial is made of dark stained walnut wood, and you have to look closer to spot the wooden grains. This creates an intriguing and sophisticated look, which has turned the GUN into a one of our most popular models – both among our male and female customers.

Thinnest wooden bezel in the world

The GUN and The GOLD feature the thinnest and most durable wooden bezel found in any wooden watch. This walnut “ring” is only 1,3 mm wide, which ensures a minimalistic expression that sets these models apart from the dominant and bulkier watch designs on the market. Still, these two timepieces come with the same durability as a traditional steel watch. This is due to the fact that we have inserted the wooden bezel into the steel casing underneath the dial glass (please see the image below). Moreover, the casing is slim, which makes the watch ideal for the male and female wrist alike. 
 wooden watch  - close up - VEJRHØJ

In case you find the combined metal and wood dial too bold, then take a look at the other models from the same collection. The ROSE, The STEEL and The SILVER comes with an all natural wooden dial in either walnut or maple wood. 

walnut wood watch VEJRHØJ