A04 walnut wood watch VEJRHØJ wrist shot A04 walnut VEJRHØJ wrist shot

Automatic collection

Following the success of our first automatic collection this spring, we are thrilled to present two new designs that highlight the beauty of natural walnut wood.

NH35 automatic movement | 24 jewels | 41 hour power reserve

Perfect for both business & casual outfits

A05 black wood watch VEJRHØJ wrist shot A05 black wood watch VEJRHØJ size
A05: Perfect when casual dressed
A05 black wood watch VEJRHØJ wrist shot
A05: Perfect with a suit
black wood watch VEJRHØJ a05 close up
Natural walnut wood & sapphire glass

The wooden grains in the dial give a sense of natural texture and warmth, which artificial materials cannot easily replicate. 

The natural walnut wood, which encircles the dial, is placed underneath the sapphire glass, which ensures the same durability as a solid steel watch.

The materials

Movement: Japanese | NH35 automatic with calendar | 24 jewels | 41 hour power reserve

Dial glass: Sapphire crystal

Case: Natural walnut wood & 316L polished stainless steel

Dial: Natural or dark walnut wood

Strap: Italian leather strap with a quick release function

Case back: Unique serial number engraved along the see-through case back

Dimensions: 40 mm wide | 11 mm thick

Italian leather straps

The Italian leather strap can be changed with just one click - no tools needed. Why not get an extra strap with your new watch!

You can get extra straps in different colors; black, blue, green, brown, caramel brown & mahogany brown.

"I am thrilled to announce the introduction of two new automatic timepieces, beautifully showcasing the inherent qualities of walnut wood. A significant number of our customers have expressed a desire for an automatic collection where wooden elements take center stage in the design. The rich, warm grains of the wood are prominently visible in both of our new designs.

Now, the choice is yours: do you prefer the natural walnut wood or the dark stained walnut wood?"

Janus Aarup, Founder of VEJRHØJ

VEJRHØJ a05 dark walnut wrist shot
black automatic wood watch black automatic wood watch

A05 | dark walnut

High Quality

NH35 automatic movement with 24 jewels, strong sapphire glass and a comfortable Italian leather strap.

Nordic Design

We believe that we have created a well balanced, minimalistic Nordic design. It's simple, yet distinctive.

Value for money

You won’t have to break the bank to bring one of these automatic beauties home. We are proud of that.

automatic wood watches VEJRHØJ automatic wood watches VEJRHØJ