Meet our new brand ambassador

We are happy to introduce our new brand ambassador collaboration with the professional football player Kasper Junker.

Playing professional football in Japan

30-year-old Kasper Junker has been living in Japan since 2021 being a part of the J1 football league. Kasper is originally from Denmark. Just like VEJRHØJ.

Kasper Junker:

“Black & Gold is probably my favourite watch in the VEJRHØJ collection. When I tried it for the first time I was surprised about how comfortable it is to wear. The wooden ring made of cherry blossom wood is also unique to me. This watch is not just a regular watch; it seamlessly combines comfort, style, and a connection to nature.”

Kasper Junker's favourite watch

Janus Aarup, CEO & Founder:

“Choosing Kasper Junker as brand ambassador for our watch company was a natural choice. Kasper embodies the perfect balance of strength, elegance, and dedication, aligning seamlessly with the essence of our timepieces. And most important of all; he has a very nice and grounded personality.”

Kasper Junker:

"In the realm of professional football, time is more than just minutes on the clock; it's about dedicating every second to improvement.”